Tea and Endurance Athletes

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No matter what type of athlete you are: weekend warrior, collegiate athlete, professional athlete, etc.… hydration and nutrition is an extremely important factor for how successful you will perform. During a performance, many athletes consume sports drinks or pure water; however, according to experts, those aren’t the only options available.

Can you guess another option?…Of course, Tea

Tea can play many different roles for athletes, especially endurance athletes. Endurance athletes can move continuously for up to several hours, which means not only is hydration key, but so is keeping your energy levels up. In cycling, Black Tea is often drank the morning of a race due to higher caffeine levels (lower than coffee), which provides an adequate spark of energy.

For athletes looking to gain an energy boost and aid in fat burning, experts have done research and suggest drinking Green Tea during performance. Green Tea is said to help endurance athletes burn fat, which is a great source of fuel during physical activity. When drinking a more purer form of green tea, Matcha; studies have shown that it has been able to aid in quicker muscle recovery after long performances.

Sometimes athletes don’t have to drink tea during or right before performances in order for tea to positively effect performance. Herbal teas are widely known in the tea community for having calming and relaxing effects on the body. Many endurance athletes have stated that drinking caffeine-free Herbal teas the night before a performance has tremendously aided in a better night sleep, which contributes to a successful performance the next day.

As you can see, tea is not just for tea rooms and fancy tea houses. Tea can be enjoyed by anyone, especially our everyday athletes.


Roots and Crops Team

*Always consult with your doctor before drinking any tea*

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